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The Difference Between Piano Lacquer and Glossy Finishing

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The Difference Between Piano Lacquer and Glossy Finishing

Glossy finishing wooden box and piano lacquer wood box is the difference between craft and effect.

Technically, tall light wooden box is to point to its paint craft, lacquer USES tall bright paint, spray finish, brightness is formed

The piano lacquer box, should be the paint technology on the piano, use in the wooden box, the effect is the same as the piano. But too much of the market is masquerading as a piano paint product.

A brief description of the difference between a highlighted box and a piano lacquer box

1.The thickness of the paint film, the paint film thickness of the piano lacquer process is greater than 1MM, which can need reduced cured and smooth the lens. The high gloss paint is less than a third as thick as the piano. The degree of fullness And flatness is not comparable to the piano painting.

2, luminosity, high gloss products, the reflection of the paint, especially a slightly further object on the surface of the paint, distorted and deformed, close to the surface of the paint with orange peel ripples. The piano is smooth like a mirror and As as bright as a mirror. The reflection of the film is the same as the object.

3, hardness. High-gloss products, a little bit of a bump, a horrible thing. The high light is wipes away, but goes away.

The piano lacquer craft product, the hardness is strong. Use a pencil to pass across the surface of the surface, wiping and wiping. It is to put on the usual knock and brightness.

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